A Special Thank You

A Billion Lives


Last night we went to go see a screening of A Billion Lives in Phoenix. The event was organized by a local advocate Mike Felling. Mike is a tireless advocate and activist in Arizona, and more importantly he is a consumer. He does not have a business to worry about, and his livelihood does not depend on the free and open existence of vapor products. He is an activist because it is the right thing to do.
Mike organized this screening and the ticket sales were phenomenal. He sold out the initial screening and convinced the theater to move us to a larger auditorium. Additionally, ALL of the money that he would have made from ticket sales was donated to The Vape A Vet Project.

Seriously, we need more people like Mike Felling. We spent about 3 hours talking with Mike in the parking lot after the showing. The man is a wealth of information, and his dedication to doing the right thing is refreshing.

This was going to be a post about the movie, and my reaction to it, but that can wait. Rumor has it there will be another showing in Tucson. I encourage everyone to see this film. Our reaction to it will be coming soon. Believe it or not, it is going to take me a while to process what we saw. I may actually drive down to Tucson just to see it again.

Mike, if you’re reading this just know we are eternally grateful for your efforts. If it wasn’t for this showing I may not have been able to see the film. The cast and crew here at the Rising From The Ashes Podcast are proud to know you, and would be honored to assist you in any and all of your future activism efforts.a-billion-lives-phx-1-photo